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AAFAustralian Access Federation.  A way for Australian academic institutions to authenticate users from other member institutions.
AARArcitecta ARchive, a custom format similar to a JAR file used by Mediaflux and DaRIS.  See Software Downloads for a utility to extract them.
ArcitectaArcitecta is the vendor of the Mediaflux data storage system.
AssetA "file" in Mediaflux.  Also includes metadata associated with that file.
atermArcitecta terminal.  A command-line tool for programming and accessing Mediaflux.
curationData curation is the organization and integration of data collected from various sources.

Distributed and Reflective Informatics System.  Mediaflux application for biomedical imaging (such as DICOM) data management, integrating instruments and research computing infrastructure.

data integrityData integrity is the maintenance of, and the assurance of the accuracy and consistency of data over its entire life-cycle.
DomainAn administrative grouping of computers into a network, with central authentication.  We most often use it in the sense of a Network Domain or  Windows Domain.
Figsharefigshare is an online open access repository where researchers can preserve and share their research outputs, including figures, datasets, images, and videos.

High-Performance Computing.  The University of Melbourne provides the Spartan HPC service for the use of researchers.

HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.  One of the ways of accessing your files stored in Mediaflux.  Has the advantage of offering strong data integrity guarantees.  Mediaflux Explorer, Mediaflux Desktop and the Unimelb command-line clients use this.
JAR fileJava ARchive, a file format for distributing Java applications.
JavaAn object-oriented programming language that executes in a Java Virtual Machine, allowing it to run anywhere.
MediafluxStorage service that offers many ways to access your data (web browser, dedicated client, network drive, SFTP, etc.).

Metadata are data about other data.

NamespaceA "directory" in Mediaflux.
NetAppNetApp, Inc. is a provider of network file storage among other Hybrid Cloud services.  In the context of Research Computing Services, NetApp is used to refer to the SMB and NFS network shares provided by that platform.
Network mountLinux/Unix nomenclature for a network drive.
Network driveA way to treat a remote network storage area as if it was a local drive.
OmekaOmeka is a free, open source content management system for online digital collections.
PythonAn interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language
S3Amazon Simple Storage Service, or the protocol used to access it.
secure tokenA token (alphanumeric string) that can be used to access Mediaflux instead of using a username/password.  Generally for instrument facilities to allow uploading data from an instrument without requiring a user to log in.
SFTPSecure File Transfer Protocol, one of the ways of accessing your files stored in Mediaflux.
Sharable Link

A generated link (URL) which refers to data within Mediaflux.  The link can be sent to another user to share those data with them as a download.  See Downloading Data From Mediaflux.

SLURMSlurm Workload Manager.  Free and open source job scheduler used by many of the world's supercomputers and computer clusters.
SpartanThe University of Melbourne's HPC platform, based on the Slurm Workload Manager.
VPNVirtual Private Network.