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  • Dr Bernard F. Meade (Head of Research Applications and Services Integration)

  • Alan Lo David Toulmin (Senior Applications and Services Integration Consultant)
  • Brian May
  • David Toulmin (Dinusha Withanage (Senior Applications and Services Integration Consultant)Dinusha Withanage
  • Kaushik Ramesh (Senior Applications and Services Integration Consultant)
  • Kaushik Ramesh
  • Martin Paulo (Senior Callum Cartwright (Applications and Services Integration Consultant)

Research Data Solutions Team (DST)

  • Dr Andy Tseng (Head of Research Data Solutions)
  • Elyas Khan (Senior Research Data Solutions Consultant)
  • Jared Winton (Senior Research Data Solutions Consultant)
  • Dr Neil Killeen (Principal Research Data Solutions Consultant)
  • Robert Hutton (Senior Data Solutions Specialist)
  • Scott Lewis (Senior Data Solutions Consultant)
  • Wilson Liu (Senior Data Solutions Consultant)


Research Cloud & Storage Team


Linh Vu (Senior Lead DevOpsHPC Engineer)


  • Justin Mammarella (DevOpsHPC Engineer)
  • Nhat Ngo (DevOpsHPC Engineer)
  • Tim Rice
  • (DevOpsHPC Engineer)
  • Carlos Miranda Rodrigues

Research Service Delivery Team (SDT)

  • Terry Brennan (Head of Research Service Development)
  • Sara Ogston (Principal Service Delivery Consultant)
  • Greg Sauter (Principal Infrastructure Design Engineer)
  • Koula Tsiaplias (Service Delivery Consultant)

Training and Community Engagement

  • David F. Flanders (Head of Training and Community Engagement)
  • Sonia Ramza (Training and Community Product Consultant
  • Alex Shermon
  • Alicia Takbash
  • Daniel Gil
  • Eric Jong
  • Emma-Eve Haidar-Khalouf
  • Emilie Walsh
  • Gordon Chen
  • Kathy Zhang
  • Louise van der Werff




  • Lauren Meaney (Senior Onboarding & Induction Consultant)