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DaRIS (Distributed and Reflective Informatics System) is a subject-oriented informatics application built with the Mediaflux ( data management platform. Its primary use is to supply biomedical imaging data management and integration with instruments and research computing infrastructure.


DICOM support

  • DICOM StorageSCP server: DaRIS extends the Mediaflux DICOM (storageSCP) server engine to receive DICOM data from imaging instruments.
  • DICOM StorageSCU client: A storageSCU client is also provided to send DICOM data to remote StorageSCP servers.
  • (web) DICOM uploader: A DICOM uploader in DaRIS web portal can be used to import DICOM data via web browser.
  • (web) DICOM viewer: A DICOM viewer is available in DaRIS web portal to inspect DICOM images as well as metadata headers.
  • DICOM transcoders: Plugin transcoders are available in DaRIS to convert DICOM files into other formats such as NIFTI and Analyze.

Subject centric data model

  • Project data model: DaRIS provides a managed repository for both data and meta-data. It organizes by 'project' with 'subject-centric' data model: projectsubjectex-methodstudydata-set
  • Project permission model: ACLs are applied to all the project data based on the hierarchical permission model (project-administrator subject-administrator memberguest)
  • Metadata are harvested automatically into indexed and searchable metadata during data ingesting.
  • Both metadata and  data (image or content) are versioned.

Secured data transmission

  • HTTPS protocol is enforced for data transmission to/from DaRIS.
  • DICOM transfer to DaRIS is protected with firewall rules (and optionally TLS can be enabled).

Data download and delivery

  • Data can be download via web browser or command line client tool.
  • Data can be send to remote SSH server vis sftp/scp.
  • Download link can be generated for the user to share the data.

Data replication and integrity check

  • Data replication is enabled for UoM DaRIS server.
  • Data integrity check process is enabled for the data ingested into DaRIS.


DaRIS software is distributed under BSD (2-clause) Licence

Third-party software

  • Mediaflux

    • You must purchase a valid Mediaflux licence from Arcitecta and adhere to the conditions of their licensing agreement
    • See also Mediaflux Licensing
  • LONI Debabeler (non-commercial)
    • The LONI debabeler is used with our transcoding (format conversion) framework.
    • We thank LONI for permission to repackage the debabeler in our distribution (and for creating the debabeler).
    • Please see the LONI licence conditions.
    • NOTE: from v3.0.0. LONI debabeler is used a optional plugin (trancoder provider) to DaRIS. And it can be excluded during installation.
  • PixelMed DICOM library
    • It is used in some aspects of our DICOM handling software (any usage allowed)
    • The stand-alone DICOM client wrapper distributed with DaRIS
    • The built in DICOM client accessed from the portal and the service layer supplying the ability to send data from within DaRIS to external DICOM servers
    • Please see the PixelMed licence statement and conditions
  • Apache Commons libraries are utilised without modification
  • SAXON XSLT processor
  • Papaya viewer


A number of entities have contributed to the development of DaRIS.

  • The University of Melbourne
  • Monash University
  • The University of Queensland
  • The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health
  • The National Imaging Facility
  • Arcitecta Pty Ltd

Getting Started with DaRIS

titleAccess DaRIS web portal

After your DaRIS project is provisioned and your user access is enabled, you will be able to access it via the web portal.

titleDaRIS User Guide

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Data Services