The RDSS S3-compatible object storage is powered by Ceph's RADOS Gateway (RGW). RADOS uses a FastCGI-based proxy to serve Ceph’s object store via a REST (HTTP-based) interface. You will be able to access a S3-compatible object storage with functionality that is compatible with a large subset of the Amazon S3 RESTful API. Our current RGW version is Luminous.

For a full list of supported S3 features, please refer to the following:

How to access your S3-compatible object storage

The object storage gateway is designed to be accessed programmatically. Please refer to the RGW API Documentation for instruction on using most popular S3 API libraries. For specific API examples that have been tested by the object storage team, please refer to the following:

  • Boto 3 - Using Python Boto 3 library

In addition, any S3-compatible clients can be used to access the object storage gateway. The object storage team only official support the following clients:

API Specification


  • Sharing Bucket Access

To share bucket with an access account or make a bucket publicly readable. Please refer to the following article: Setting the bucket policy.

Backup of S3-Compatible data

Our S3-Compatible Object Storage is operated by the University of Melbourne, in the University data centre. Please be aware that the data is only housed in one geographical region.

Although we employ hardware redundancy (to protect against hardware failure), there is no official data backup system for S3. We can attempt to backup S3 data on request, however the S3 platform has specifically been labelled as 'unsupported' by the University's primary recoverability vendors. Therefore, we can not guarantee recovery of deleted S3 data.

Change Existing Storage Quota or Access Permission

Only authorised users (i.e., RCAO or Technical Contact) are eligible to request change, please refer to RCS's Terms of Services:

Request New Data Storage

Any eligible UoM researcher is able to apply for new storage, please refer to RCS's Terms of Services:

Request for Support

Please use the links below to report any issues regarding the service: